Glaven Ecology
Protected Species Surveys

Reptile surveys

Reptile Habitat Assessment  in accordance with Natural England and Froglife guidance.

Presence/absence surveys for reptiles including  Slow-worm, Common Lizard, Grass Snake, following industry standard guidelines and methodology.


Protected Species Surveys
All our surveys are conducted within the CIEEM  competancies for surveying protected species.


Bat Surveys

Preliminary roost appraisals: An assessment of buildings, trees and surrounding habitats to determine their suitability for roosting bats. 

Nocturnal bat surveys: Night-time surveys using bat recording and night vision equipment to confirm the absence/presence of bats at a building or tree.

For more information see the helpsheet What to Expect From a Bat Survey: A guide for UK home owners from the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

A rickety old barn, great for bats

Badger Surveys

Surveying a site for evidence of badgers such as setts, tracks, latrines and hairs.

Using camera traps to record nocturnal badger activity.

Badger exiting a sett
Bird with nesting material

Bird Surveys

Breeding bird surveys: A site which has the potential to support nesting birds may require a  survey to assess its importance as a breeding location. The surveys should be conducted at the time when birds are making nests, laying eggs and rearing young, usually between March and August.  We have experience of a number of bird survey techniques depending on the habitat; for example the MacKinnon Lists Technique for woodland species.

Barn owl surveys:      Following good practice guidelines from the Barn Owl Trust we look for evidence such as nests, roosting sites, pellets, droppings, prey remains and feathers.  We hold a barn owl class licence issued by Natural England.  This licence permits our ecologist to disturb a nesting barn owl by observation in the course of undertaking presence or absence surveys; nest monitoring; monitoring the effectiveness of conservation efforts.

Great crested newt surveys

Presence/absence nocturnal surveys using torches and bottle trapping.

‘eDNA’ (environmental DNA) surveys are a relatively new alternative to full presence/absence surveys, and are respected by Natural England, and for planning purposes. Our licensed ecologists are able to undertake eDNA surveys at your site. 

A lovely river scene

Water vole surveys

Presence/absence surveys for water voles following industry standard guidelines and methodology.

Signs of Water Voles looked for would typically include their droppings, latrines, burrows, feeding signs and footprints.

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