Biodiversity Net Gain Assessments

Biodiversity Net Gain Assessments

We are trained in using the Natural England Metric 3.0 (or The Small Sites Metric, where applicable) to calculate both the baseline and proposed biodiversity units for sites.

We use data collected during the habitat survey for the Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA) to inform the baseline data, which saves time and minimises costs.

We are also able to provide advice on how Biodiversity Net Gain can be achieved on development sites, when initial proposals do not fulfil the minimum requirements.

At present, the revised National Planning Policy Framework (2019) states that Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) should “identify and pursue opportunities for securing measurable net gains for biodiversity“.

The Environment Bill was granted Royal Assent on Tuesday 9 November 2021 and all developments will be required to include 10% Biodiversity Net Gain within their proposals. The 10% gain is a minimum requirement. Many LPAs are already beginning to request Biodiversity Net Gain assessments, alongside the usual ecological survey reports.

Click here to read more about Biodiversity Net Gain on CIEEM’s website.